Contractual Commitments

Creating Social Value through Procurement and Asset Management

All contracts procured through CHIC are required to deliver social value outcomes at a minimum of 1% of their annual turnover. CHIC will monitor and support all contracts where social value contributions will need to be made clear at tender stage, which can be delivered in several ways.

CHIP supports CHIC, a not-for-profit member owned consortium, which works collaboratively to deliver efficiencies through procurement and commercial support, ensuring tenants have safe, decent homes to live in.

One of CHIC’s objectives is to ensure that all contractors, consultants and suppliers procured through CHIC, delivering services for CHIC’s members, show a commitment to social value.

All CHIC procured contracts will need to demonstrate the delivery of added Social Value by having a positive impact on:

Social & Community Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing

Crime & Justice


Education & Skills


Environmental Sustainability

This can be achieved by delivering a variety of added value outcomes to the communities in which they work, including:

Volunteering Hours to local groups/charities

Monetary Donations

Donations of items to communities

Work Experience

Apprenticeship Opportunities

Tool Kits for residents

Food Bank Donations

Reducing Residual Waste

Donate to CHIPS CCG to further support local community groups

Offer career support to local schools

Provide Jobs to local people

Purchasing Fairtrade commodities

Donate surplus building materials to local communities

Helping to reduce anti-social behaviour

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