Communities and Housing Investment in People

Investing In People, Supporting Communities

Delivering Social Value through collaborative Asset Management and Procurement

CHIP is supported by Communities and Housing Investment Consortium Ltd (CHIC) to ensure that social value dividends are delivered as a direct result of CHIC’s asset management and procurement activities.

CHIP's Objectives

CHIP seeks to bring positive, sustainable changes to people's lives by supporting:

Training and apprenticeships through CHIC’s contractors and suppliers

Employment sponsorship, delivering training and jobs for people distant from the workplace

Projects in communities that are local to CHIC’s members, via a Community Chest Fund

Recognition of individual achievements through learning and personal development

Direct social value delivery through a range of community initiatives

News and Events

Annual Report

We invite you to read our first Social Value Annual Report, a testament to the positive progress we’ve made in partnership with our aligned not

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CHIP Roundtable

CHIC and CHIP published their first Social Value Annual Report, which was launched at this September event. CHIP was keen to ask stakeholders to look back

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New Partnerships

Since its launch, towards the end of 2022, CHIP partnered up with number of new Local Employment Groups in the West Midlands, London and Wales.

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